September 13

Morning at camp

Packing up

Heading to The Golden Stairs

Walking the road

A find in a wash

A quartz spear point

Could be 2000 years old or more


Too bad that NPS just takes it to bury someplace

There is the Mother and Child formation

A break

A rest before a push up The Golden Stairs

Sunning on a rock

We are heading up that scree

Up the stairs we go

Watch your step

A look down to the canyon floor

Walking along the red layer

The Mother and Child from The Golden Stairs

A look back

A last push up the stairs

Almost on top

Closer to China Neck

On China Neck!

Trail marker at China Neck parking area

Don’t get lost!

The Flint Trail is almost dead center. Steep climb out!

Another sign to make sure you take the correct route

Looking down with Flint Trail on right side of image

Heading back to the main highway

Lots of sky. Manti La Sal mountains on horizon

San Rafel Desert

©2011 Lynn Cox all rights reserved