September 12

Sun coming

Sunlight on the tops of needles

Wall and Needles

Remains of structure

Sun getting higher

Hidden metate

Big meadow

Morning stroll


Reviewing the film at camp

Hoodoos and walls

A hiker

Big pictograph

A shot for perspective

A little closer look

A herd of Desert Bighorn

Bird form?

The remains of a face

Another partial face

Where are we?

Metate with a view

The Upper Jump


Pinnacles at the Jump

A start or finished?


Someone was here

More hands

What could it mean?

The Upper Jump from across the gully

More hands from the past

Hello, goodbye

In front of the gallery of images

So many hands

And more

Metaphysical beings?

A recurring form

Like a form in Bullet

Making pictures

End of day


© 2008 Lynn Cox all rights reserved