October 13

Cool morning breakfast

Sun on the top

It will get down here warm us up!

Geting going

Overview of the panel

A repeat the next morning

Snakes and shamans?

another panel covered

More snakes


Spirals, Figures and counting

A place for grinding, marked

The metate

Fading figures

For context


We were here

Coming to a blow down


old cottonwood

feeding the soil

Dead and alive

There is a ruin up there

zoomed in, can you see the art?

Another gallery along the trail

Prolific output

Powerful figure.

A break in the action

a look down

Posing on the dunes

Hiking the streambed

High water mark at the Narrows

Hiking is over

Tables of the Sun & The Bears Ears

Comb Ridge, that’s all folks!

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