October 11  

Morning at camp

Bear prints again

Red man

Up the side canyon to see the art

Up above our heads. Sheep form picts

Some of that green pigment we have seen throughout this complex

Two color form

The red man, with some defacement. Twits!

For location context


Beautiful forms. The wind?

Pool is evaporating

big forms

Walking up to the arch


This was a place for grinding and meeting

Handprints and forms

Interesting  pictos

The green pigment

Different hand prints over time

Many were here

Many many ancestors


Snakes and forms


Many more were here


Hands up!

So many hands!

Animal spirits

Ritual figure

Lots of green hands

Lizard’s movement

A close look

What a view

Trident form

Late afternoon

Filling the water bag checking for dinner

Another day comes to a close

Late evening meal

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