May 14

Morning camp

Breaking camp

Working up to the top

Steep in spots

Up through that bowl

Lynn up there. Nice steps

A look back to the bottom

Working up the steps

Slow and steady

Up to the top


Still not on top

Walking the slick rock

Ahhhh… the top of the pour off

Back on top, storm coming

After the rain

Knarly sky

Low ceiling

Clouds breaking up

Wet slick rock

A chimney shaped rock

We are going head back down soon

Quite a formation

We are going down to the bottom again!

Careful steps

Lunch break

heading back down

Short rest stop while thunder rolls

Clearing up

Walking the bottom

Moist in the canyon bottom

Walking the drainage

Big walls

Formation from a different perspective



Spirit hunter?

A group

Elongated ghost figures

More pictures

Big gallery

Detail of the gallery

Art everywhere

Photo of a picture maker

Wild sky and light

Looking west at the point and sun sinking

Backlit formation

Evening camp

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