May 13

Morning light on The Needles

A look to the north. The Upper jump is up that way in the shadows  

On the tail. Cool morning    

A pass by the Sun Shield

Navigation through the notch  

Through the Toolies

Across the creek  

The Four Faces and a granary    

Another angle    

Tim taking a picture

Amazing painting    

The Upper Jump    

Lunch break

Nice wall  

Lazy after lunch on a cool afternoon

Some rock art with repeating motif    

A different view  

White teeth above the red line.

A bird?

This may or may not be real. Maybe cowboy stuff

These are real. Partial faces

Desert bighorn sheep pictograph

Looking across the valley. Metate in foreground    

Back down canyon to the Sun Shield

A closer look at the multi-colored pictograph  

The alcove  

Granary up high  

Back on the trail. Crack in the rock. The granary up high on the ledge right.

A different look at Fisheye

Up off the canyon floor. Cool evening  


Low angle evening light  

The sun is almost below the horizon. The colors change so much with the light

Another day comes to a close  

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