May 10

Morning at camp

Hillbilly hikers

Time to pack up  

Breakfast first

A morning selfie

Don’t slip!    

Walking along some mild exposure

Patterns in the sandstone  

Cyanobiotic crust and a garden

A rock ring

Cathedral Butte in background  


Hard to believe it is the desert

A slog from the creek bottom  

Dwarf Evening Primrose?


Ruins and art    

Granary and Pictograph  

Hand prints and ruins of a wall    

Another view of the sawtooth repeating pattern art  

Stemless Woollybase?  

More flower garden    

Kirk Arch

Looking at far-off ruins

Hidden ruins

Sunlight on the arch  


Rock glowing

Knarled tree

Valley view, foreboding clouds

Laid out on the rocks  

Clouds building

A break

Another photo op

Lush Claretcup

Stormy night

A damp night under the shelter of an overhang

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